Canary Video on Dentist Testimonials

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Dr. Todd Snyder, DDS, AAACD (Aesthetic Dental Designs, Laguna Niguel, California)

While there have been numerous advances in the dental industry over the years, I have not found anything in the area of diagnostic devices that is as revolutionary as The Canary System. This highly effective diagnostic tool allows you to find pathology sooner so that it might be reversed or treated earlier by less invasive forms of dentistry. Patient engagement and involvement within my practice is at an all-time high. And see Dr. Snyder's website here.

Dr. Pamela Maragliano-Muniz (Salem, Massachussets)

I would recommend The Canary System for any general, pediatric, or restorative dental practice. It is extremely easy, useful, and reliable and I have received nothing but positive feedback from my patients. I use it during my hygiene exams routinely throughout the day. I believe that it has enabled me to monitor the progress of tooth and root surface remineralization and make more accurate treatment decisions. Click here for the full article.

Dr. Leonard Tau, DDS (Pennsylvania Center for Dental Excellence, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) DentalTown, June 2013

I have used the Canary for almost 5 months now and the response from my patients are amazing. I use it on almost every patient when they come through hygiene and I have been watching many silver fillings over the years unsure whether they had decay underneath them. Yes you think there is but you truly are not sure and the radiograph is inconclusive. The Canary now allows me to see below amalgam restorations, composites, crown margins when tooth is exposed, sealants etc. Patients have gotten treatment done that I have been telling them for years may be needed.

Dr. Bruce Silver (Burlington, New Jersey)

The Canary System has been another great technology added to my practice! The ability to track decay along the margins of old restorations that can't be detected by radiographs has been a boon to my production, both in remineralization products and replacement of restorations. It is most remarkable to track the decay, then open the tooth and notice the decay patterns matching the Canary scores! I'm amazed every time I see this!

Dr. Bennett Amaechi (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio)

The Canary System presents the unique ability to detect hidden (proximal and occlusal pits/fissure) caries as well as monitor remineralization over time without the influence of confounding factors like stains, saliva and ambient light. This is in addition to its accuracy and reliability. The Canary System detects and monitors changes in the crystal structure of the tooth and is therefore and excellent device for caries detection and monitoring lesion response to various preventive therapies.

Julie DiNardo, RDH (Hamilton, Ontario)

The Canary System has enhanced my way of practice. It helps me formulate and justify my treatment plan with scientifically proven evidence. I wouldn't work without it.

Dr. Larry Emmott (Phoenix, Arizona)

DIAGNOdent was a good start but has several limitations. It only works with clean, non-restored occlusal surfaces. The newest caries detection technology approved by the FDA called The Canary System—so named because it is an early warning system like the canary in the coal mine—does much more. It is time to move beyond the sharp stick method and join Dr. McCoy using digital high tech diagnostics. The future is coming and it will be amazing!
Check out Dr. Emmott's reviews of The Canary System on his technical blog from Feb 2013 and July 2014 and on Dental Compare.

Dr. John Leitner (Grand Haven, Michigan)
The Canary System has innovated the way I diagnose caries. As a microscope user, this device has allowed me to see beyond the microscope and detect secondary caries around the margins of restorations that would have otherwise gone undetected. I am truly providing optimal service to our patients. I am a believer and it has really changed the way I perceive and diagnose tooth decay. It has been a real eye-opener for me.

Dr. Gurpreet Sidhu (Langley, British Columbia)

I was looking for technology that would be a helpful adjunct to my clinical treatment planning that would help me discern whether I needed to do a filling on a tooth when it was a 50/50 decision. I felt as providers we should have more to offer than guessing what type of treatment to provide, the Canary has been both exceptional and incredibly accurate in its ability to consistently diagnose carious lesions. It is now the standard of care for my office and I would highly recommend it to any practitioner who wants to enhance their patient care. Patients are engaged to follow through with their treatment when they hear their Canary numbers around lesions which also means I don't need to convince them of treatment!

Dr. Ian McConnachie (Ottawa, Canada)

Over the course of my career as a pediatric dentist committed both to evidence-based care and treatment planning based on risk assessment, the arrival of the Canary System has been much anticipated and its implementation valued. We used the system immediately after its introduction in the marketplace until my retirement in 2017. This involved using it every week, and incorporated its information in a wide range of clinical situations. These included scanning all tooth surfaces, under leaking sealants, around ICON infusions, and decalcifications associated with orthodontics. We also found it useful on the young children pre-coooperative for bitewing radiographs. Our patients embraced the educational benefits of Canary and also saw benefits with reduced scores on repeat scans. I believe the Canary, fully utilized, assisted us in shifting the balance of oral care from surgical repair of teeth to altering the demineralization-remineralization balance.

Dr. Michael Schecter (Toronto, Ontario)

The Canary System is a device for the early detection and monitoring of tooth decay. The system is more accurate than X-rays and uses a laser instead of radiation. It is a pain-free, safe and non-invasive early detection system built on years of thorough research.

Dr. Craig Main (San Luis Obispo, California)

I have the found the Canary System to be very helpful as an adjunct to digital radiographs and visual examination. Patients that present with dark pits, and discolored enamel that I may have otherwise assumed were just stain, are now checked with the Canary scanner. This has helped me to know when to treat and when watch. Through the use of before and after intraoral photos to document our findings with the Canary, our confidence in treating lesions that the canary reading indicates should be treated is near 100%.

Diana Hogan (Patient; Toronto)

I wanted to send this brief letter to express my gratitude and heartfelt appreciation for having been able to experience The Canary System in your offices recently. The Canary was able to detect a number of early decaying areas in my teeth that had not been visible through x-ray. Because of The Canary System, you were able to detect and then repair those areas in my teeth before they became seriously problematic. Given my age as a Baby Booomer, I am grateful to The Canary System, as I'm sure it will help prolong the life of my natural teeth, along with good dental hygiene and dental care, well into my senior years.